Our passion for music runs deep. We're made up of individuals who share a love for singing and performing, and who are committed to using music to bring people together to create a sense of community.

We take performance seriously. We believe that music has the power to inspire and uplift, and we strive to deliver powerful and moving performances that connects with our audiences. We also believe that our members are an integral part of our success and we encourage them to bring their unique talents and perspectives to the table.

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We believe that singing, supporting, and socialising are all essential parts of creating a vibrant and connected community. We love coming together to make beautiful music, but we also know that it's important to support each other and build meaningful relationships outside of rehearsals and performances.

That's why we host a variety of social events throughout the year, from dinners and movies to workshops and pub nights. These events give us the chance to get to know each other better, to share our stories and experiences, and to build a strong and supportive community that extends beyond our shared love of music.

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