• Regarding Joining the choir
  • It's scary doing something new, especially if the something new involves gay men! What will they think, what if they don't like my singing, what if i don't fit in? But, hand on heart, this is a brilliant and supportive group of people. Yes, they take the singing seriously - but there is also fun, friendship and a lot of laughter. The rehearsals are a regular highlight of my week and I look forward to each performance with growing excitement!
    - Dan - member

    I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel so welcome at rehearsal last night - it was truly wonderful to hear the group and you all made me feel so welcome and at ease.
    It is quite daunting when you join a group, especially when you've not sung in a group for a while, but it felt very natural to be with you all.
    I'm super excited at being part of something so special and thank you once again for being so welcoming.
    - KJ - member


  • Regarding Performance
  • Congrats on a successful first performance with BGMC - they are going to be so good. I'm really excited to see what they can do going forward.
    - Audience member at Pride Fundraiser concert, Jul'22

    I loved the GMC. I was so impressed, I had goose bumps on song one and was very moved by the entire performance. The dynamics were spot on. I can see the GMC being a huge success. The moves and theatre you have in GMC is spell binding. I wasn't expecting that especially for a first performance it was off the scale.
    Also the balance between backing track and vocals have never been so good.
    - Audience member at Pride Fundraiser concert, Jul'22


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