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  • Annual Report 2023
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 20 Dec 2023

    Membership Highlights


    • Commenced the year with 35 members, conducted 3 rehearsals, hosted an evening for new members, and took part in Sing Out Bristol's quiz night.


    • Expanded to 38 members, held 4 rehearsals, organised a performance and movement workshop at The Hideout, followed by an evening of post-workshop dinner and drinks.


    • Maintained a membership of 37 and conducted 4 rehearsals.


    • Sustained a membership of 34, held 4 rehearsals, and initiated sectional rehearsals in preparation for an upcoming concert.


    • Maintained a membership of 34, held 3 rehearsals, participated in a choralography rehearsal at The Hideout, engaged in additional sectional rehearsals, and collaborated with the South Wales Gay Men's Chorus in Cardiff. We also hosted a members-only barbecue at Christians house.


    • Concluded with 31 members, held 4 rehearsals, and members enjoyed a games night hosted by the Bristol Improv Theatre.


    • Maintained a membership of 34, held 3 rehearsals, and organised an evening of bowling, boys, and beers at The Lanes Bristol.


    • Maintained a membership of 34, held 3 rehearsals, and hosted an evening for new members.


    • Expanded to 45 members, held 4 rehearsals, and organised an autumn workshop at YHA Gower in Port Eynon.


    • Grew to 47 members, held 4 rehearsals, and added extra sectional rehearsals in preparation for the Winter Concert.


    • Ended with 42 members, held 5 rehearsals, conducted sectional rehearsals for the winter concert, organised a performance workshop at The Hideout, and enjoyed a Christmas meal at Las Iguanas.


    • Concluded with 39 members, held 3 rehearsals, and performed at the Winter Concert at Redland URC, attended by an audience of 250.


    This year's activities showcased our commitment to rehearsals, workshops, and collaborative performances. Membership numbers fluctuated, and our Winter Concert was well-received. Looking forward to another year of music and community in 2024.

    Financial report

    Income Expenses Balance
    Administration £10,485 (£10,485)
    Rehearsals £2,530 (£2,530)
    Workshops £725 £2,497 (£1,772)
    Various Voices £177 £1,533 (£1,356)
    Events £133 (£133)
    Advertising £62 (£62)
    Merchandise £92 £147 (£55)
    Performances (not Winter Concert and Various Voices) £50 (£50)
    Winter Concert £3,314 £2,433 £881
    Membership fees £14,435 £14,435
    Totals £18,743 £19,872 (£1,129)
  • Music in LGBTQ+ identities
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 12 Mar 2023

    We've had a request from a researcher at UWE regarding a survey she's completing for her MA:

    Participants aged 16+ and LGBTQ+ identified wanted for an online anonymous survey exploring the role of music in LGBTQ+ identities - tell us about your favourite coming out songs and the role music plays in your identity!

    Hi, my name is Karen, and I am a MA Music Therapy student at UWE Bristol, seeking participants for my dissertation 'Exploring the role of music in LGBTQ+ identity'.

    I am intending to create a Spotify playlist from the songs named in the research to create a LGBTQ+ coming out and community playlist that can be accessed at the end of the study.

    If anyone is interested in taking part in the survey, please click on this link:

    This research has been reviewed by and approved by the UWE College of Health, Science and Society Research Ethics Committee (reference code: HAS.22.12.046). 

  • Annual report 2022
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 19 Jan 2023



    Income Expense
    MD Fees   £4,365.00
    Rehearsal space £55,00 £2,403.00
    Pianist   £390.00
    Website   £301.00
    Performance uniform   £271.00
    Various Voices registration   £152.00
    Insurance   £55.00
    LEGATO membership fee   £26.00
    Membership fees £8,160.00  
    Total £8,215.00 £8,018.00
    Balance £197.00  


      Rehearsals Socials Performances Workshops New members events
    JAN 4 1 after rehearsal social      
    FEB 4 1 after rehearsal social      
    MAR 4 2 after rehearsal socials     March saw the first new members taster of the year. 19 interested/7 attended/2 signed up.
    APR 4 1 after rehearsal social + 1 meal out   We had a workshop in St George's led by vocal coach Wendy Sergeant  
    MAY 4 1 after rehearsal social      
    JUN 4 1 after rehearsal social We performed in front of an audience for the very first time. We had invited a select crowd to watch the dress rehearsal before our first ever public performance.    
    JUL 1 1 social to replace a rehearsal Our very first public performance at Sing Out for Bristol Pride at St George's.    
    AUG 2 2 after rehearsal socials     1 new members event after the summer holidays. 10 interested/8 attended/8 signed up.
    SEP 5 1 after rehearsal social      
    OCT 3 2 after rehearsal socials We were invited to sing at Sing Out Bristol's annual concert in St Georges.   We also had a new members eve in October which saw 8 new members joining the choir.
    NOV 4 1 after rehearsal social + BGMC Christmas meal out   For our second workshop of the year we went to test if we could learn a song in a day - and it turns out we could!  
    DEC 3 1 end of year social replacing a rehearsal For our third and last performance of the year we joined The Chandeliers in Portishead for a Christmas themed concert.    
  • I'll Be There For You | Lockdown Recording
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 28 May 2020
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Bristol Gay Men's Chorus singing Don't Worry About Me by Frances
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 18 Apr 2020

    Forming in January 2020, corona virus stopped Bristol Gay Men's Chorus rehearsals in our tracks, but we've been plugging away and supporting each other in challenging times as best we can.

    Recorded individually at home during lockdown, and brought together virtually - proudly, we present our first public performance.

    YouTube Video URL:
  • Have you subscribed to the calendar feed?
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 27 Nov 2019

    Have you subscribed to the calendar feed on our website in your calendar app?

    If you have done this you would need to unsubscribe and subscribe again as the URL has changed.

    If you've got no idea what this means - have a look at At the top of the page there's instructions how to get our events on to your phone, tablet or laptop. That way you'll always have up to date information about our events, in your calendar.


  • Rónán and Matthew on BCFM Morning Show
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 2 Nov 2019

    This week Rónán and Matthew were interviewed for the Morning Show on BCFM, speaking about Bristol Gay Men's Chorus.

    Listen to the clip (@ 0:48:30 minutes in), on BBC Radio Somerset via the link below.

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